Kylo Chua & The Elegance of Flowing Sculpture

'The human body is one the most curious physical forms often explored in the world of sculpture.
These are the cast marble and porcelain sculptures of Filipino-Chinese artist, Kylo Chua, a fine arts graduate from the Ateneo de Manila University, with a history of awards from many notable Philippine and Asian organizations.

The style Kylo romanticizes with the composing of his art, is called “Eves of Eight”, possibly in stark reference to the biblical “Eve” considered by most to be the first feminine form in all of creation.

Kylo works with clay materials, forming and eventually creating artworks that defy the solid state of their hardening nature. A majority of his sculptures center on the visual pronouncement of each subject’s natural curvatures and anatomy.

His many human-shape and animal themed pieces are gaining widespread recognition with audiences across South-east Asia for their demure, yet paradoxical elegance. The serpentine shapes of his figures uniquely orchestrates the idea of an ever-moving state of being. His approach to this specific motif illustrates a strong belief for the continuity of intrinsic beauty through the various human experiences we share each and every day.

His gallery patrons agreeably describe his works to appear seamless, liquid-like, and gracefully delicate. The general public can find an online gallery of his art pieces by visiting his website at


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